Florida Senator Introduces AR-15 and Large-capacity Magazine Ban Bill SB 370

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Florida State Senator Gary Farmer wants to ban Semi-Automatic Rifles in Florida even though, Semi-Auto rifles and magazines with a capacity of more than 10 rounds.

Why would they go after Semi-Auto rifles when they account for less than 1% of gun deaths in the US? The Anti-Gun lobby takes a comprehensive approach to restricting the second amendment. They attack the 2nd Amendment on not only the federal level but on the state and local level as well. They know it’s much harder to defend the 2nd Amendment when it’s being attacked on all sides.

Be sure to contact Senate President Simpson and tell him to block SB 370 SB 370: Assault Weapons and Large-capacity Magazines GENERAL BILL by Farmer Assault Weapons and Large-capacity Magazines; Prohibiting the sale or transfer of an assault weapon or a large-capacity magazine; providing criminal penalties; prohibiting possession of an assault weapon or a large-capacity magazine; requiring certificates of possession for assault weapons or large-capacity magazines lawfully possessed before a specified date; requiring the Department of Law Enforcement to maintain a file of such certificates, etc.

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