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 Jobs: 74% of adults say they're OK financially, up from 70%
Nearly 75% of Americans are doing ok financially or living comfortably, up from 70% a year earlier. But 40% couldn't pay a $400 emergency expense. more

 Data: Valero Boosts Imports Of Venezuelan Oil As Sanctions Loom
Valero this year boosted its imports of Venezuelan crude ahead of US sanctions over the country's disputed presidential election. more

 The NYSE named a woman as president. Thirty years ago, its lunch club didn't have a ladies' room.
Still none of the biggest U.S. Wall Street banks has ever been led by a woman more

 Tesla's Model 3 isn't really for the mass market -- it's a luxury car
WIth prices starting at $35,000 and rising quickly from there to over $80,000, the Tesla Model 3 is far from a mass market car. more

 Comcast Faces Fallout From Website Bug That Leaked Consumer Data
It looks like a flaw in Comcast’s website used for the activation of Xfinity routers can be exploited to harvest sensitive consumer information. According to reports, the purpose of the site is to make it easy for customers to set up their home internet witho… more

 Distrust in self-driving cars on the rise after crashes, AAA says
Distrust of self-driving cars is on the rise, according to AAA, and recent crashes are to blame. more

 Amazon banning customers for too many returns
Turns out Amazon’s 30-day return policy isn’t so liberal after all. The company has been banning people it claims are sending back too many items, according to the Wall Street Journal. The e-commer… more

 Senator Kennedy: Why I cast my Senate-busting vote for net neutrality
He's pro free market – but there isn't one among America's ISPs more

 The Arbitration Fight Isn't Over
Ruth Bader Ginsburg says a fix for the court’s “egregiously wrong” decision is “urgently in order.” more

 Carnival Cruise Ship Passenger Goes Overboard, Missing Near Florida
Brian Lamonds went missing just 85 miles west of Fort Myers, Florida. more

 Publix Censors Teen's 'Summa Cum Laude' Graduation Cake
"I can’t believe I’m the first one to ever write ‘Summa Cum Laude’ on a cake.” more

 US Banks Reported Record First-Quarter Profit
U.S. banks notched record quarterly profit to start 2018, a result of the new tax law, rising interest rates and an improving economy. But there may be signs of trouble in credit-card lending. more

 JCPenney's CEO just signaled the end of retail as we know it
Marvin Ellison, who became the CEO of JCPenney in 2015 after a 12-year stint at Home Depot, was responsible for bringing the department store back from the brink of disaster. Now, he's leaving for an industry that's considered safer from the threat of Amazon. more

 Buc-ee's wins federal court trademark fight against competitor Choke Canyon
A jury in Houston found Tuesday that Choke Canyon company's alligator logo violated state and federal trademark law, infringing on the pre-established beaver logo owned by road stop chain Buc-ee's. more

 Trump floats management changes instead of sanctions for China's ZTE
U.S. President Donald Trump on Tuesday floated a plan to fine ZTE Corp (000063.SZ) (0763.HK) and shake up its management as his administration considered rolling back more severe penalties that have crippled the Chinese telecommunications company. more

 Time's Up Takes Aim At McDonald's, Walmart Over Sexual Harassment Complaints
Low-wage workers are fighting back with the help of Hollywood donors. more

 New report highlights massive pay gap between CEOs and typical workers
The AFL-CIO put it all together in its annual Executive PayWatch database. more

 Amazon Pushes Facial Recognition to Police. Critics See Surveillance Risk.
More than two dozen civil rights organizations asked the tech giant to stop selling its image recognition system to law enforcement agencies. more

 Frontier Airlines passenger arrested after peeing on seat in front of him during flight
A Frontier Airlines passenger was led away from his arrival gate in handcuffs on Thursday after passengers say he grabbed two women during the flight and then urinated on the seat directly in front of him. more

 Loud motorcycles are a sweet sound or an offensive din, depending on the listener
Loud motorcycles save lives, or they're a noisy nuisance, depending on the listener. more

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