Biden Visits Border


I’M Jason Whitley., You know between Congress and the state legislature. Lots happening politically right. Now. Here are some of the other headlines. We’re keeping an eye on the 1st that presidential visit to the US Mexico border.

President Biden going to El Paso on Sunday. Finally, making a trip to the border., It’s the first time he has been there since he has been president. – It’s a big deal politically because a record number of migrants are coming across and cities across the country are now feeling the impact.

Problem is. Nothing seems to be stopping this., We’ll be waiting to hear what exactly the president says. During his visit to El Paso, an interesting footnote to the race for Speaker of the US House..

The speaker is the third in line to the Presidency. If you know your civics, but with no one in that role over the last few days, the next person after the Vice President was US Senator Patty, Murray.

She’s, a Democrat from Washington state.. She is the president Pro Tem of the US Senate and normally the fourth in line of succession. And Tuesday morning. The state lawmakers the state legislature actually gavels back into session.

In Austin, and something else is also happening at the state. Capitol Governor Abbott gets sworn into his third term on the steps of the Capitol alongside Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick. That happens on the north.

Steps of the Capitol at 10:00 AM

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