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A stripped down Bambu Labs printer with lightning speed.

Bambu Labs has been shaking up the 3D printing community with its line of shockingly-fast Core XY printers. The P1P is the latest entry, a no frills version of the $1449 X1-Carbon that dumped everything from a touch screen and lidar sensors to the side panels themselves in order to produce a more affordable model. The result is a skeletal husk of a printer that’s blazing fast.

Retailing at $699, the P1P is still a good chunk of change and for good reason. It retains premium features like auto bed leveling, input shaping, a PEI coated flex plate, linear rails and a self-cleaning tool head. The unit is also compatible with Bambu Lab’s $349 four-color AMS unit for multicolor prints and can be upgraded with a chamber monitoring camera and light.

This is the first printer I’ve seen that’s offered customizable panels for the customer to print themselves. It’s a genius idea considering the level of creativity among 3D printing enthusiasts and our craving to upgrade every printer we get our hands on.

The P1P is capable of hitting 500mm/s print speeds with an eye-popping 20,000 mm/s acceleration speed. This makes it twice as fast as the AnkerMake M5, and a welcome addition to our list of the best 3D printers.

Source: BambuLabs P1P Review: Bare Bones Speed Freak | Tom’s Hardware

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