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YouTube took this down but you need to watch it. The proof from the actual man in Italy who worked for Leonardo, one of the biggest defense contractors in the world, who uploaded the info from Leonardo to the satellite that was then downloaded to the servers we have taken in Germany that then flipped the necessary votes from Trump to Biden.

He has already been in court in Italy and signed an affidavit which has been delivered to Congressman Loudermilk, Mark Meadows, Congressman Hice, and a few others in Congress. He apparently just could not understand why they were stealing the America election and felt that he had to fess up. The information has been delivered to President Trump by hand as well from the lady in the video on Christmas Eve. Delivered on January 6th, I think. Our own CIA was involved.”

Documents were delivered to people in Congress and the Presidents Chief of Staff.

This May Be The Biggest News Story Of The Year.

President Trump Was Right, There Was Foreign Interference In The Election.

Affidavits were submitted at 1:30 pm 1-7-2021

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