Is COVID Death Rate A Lie?

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Disclaimer: I am in no way trying to minimize the impact covid-19 has had on our country or the pain it has caused many people. I know it is a real virus and I know it has resulted in many deaths.

With that in my mind.. I had read several times that some hospitals were labeling deaths of any type as covid-related regardless of actual cause, as long as the patient actually had covid (whether covid killed them or not). So my instinct told me that if that is the case we would see a drop in the number of other causes of death that approximately corresponds to the covid inflation.

So, I decided to do a little research and spent a couple of hours on the CDC and Vital Statistics websites. I was looking for the number of deaths that happen in a given year (from any cause).. So from 2010-2019 the average number of deaths per year is 2,669,521. Now given the COVID-19 epidemic I expected 2020 to be much higher than the average but lo and behold, the latest numbers I can find simply do not reflect that.

  • 2010 2,468,435
  • 2011 2,515,458
  • 2012 2,543,279
  • 2013 2,596,993
  • 2014 2,626,418
  • 2015 2,712,630
  • 2016 2,744,248
  • 2017 2,813,503
  • 2018 2,839,205
  • 2019 2,835,038
  • 2020 2,486,273 (Through November)

I can’t explain it.. But my head is telling me that the media and many health experts are running a bit of a con game on the American people.. Most of us feel it, or suspect something just isn’t quite right..

In a way it feels like we are being gaslighted on this as well as many other things..

Take it for what it’s worth.. do your own research, google, duck duck go, bing.. all are decent search engines, limit your resources to CDC data or vital statistics data. There is a lot of it out there and even different articles at the CDC on the same subject can have different numbers. I tried to limit all my data tot he CDC data briefs that are release at the end of each year.

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