Hulu Show ‘Ramy’ Calls Trump ‘Piece of Sh**,’ ‘F**k-Man’


By Elise Ehrhard June 2nd, 2020 7:00 AM

On May 29, Hulu premiered its second season of Ramy, a show about a Muslim-American man living in New Jersey. While the first season tried to showcase the complexities of an Egyptian-American immigrant family, the second season went full raging leftist, calling the U.S. Army “the world’s most corrupt army” and the United States a “country that enslaves people in jails and puts them in cages.” It also had a few choice words for President Trump.

Starring comedian Ramy Yousseff, the first season of Ramy attempted to be a relatively light-hearted take on the protagonist’s life and family. Sadly, the second season tosses out much of the comedy and goes into full leftist hectoring. Ramy joins a Sufi mosque and encourages its sheik to hire a homeless U.S. veteran with PTSD. The veteran tells Ramy he killed innocent people and even kidnapped a child in Iraq. When Ramy first suggests allowing the homeless vet to do odd jobs around the mosque, the sheik’s daughter protests that she does not want to hire somebody who served with “the world’s most corrupt army.” The sheik gives him a chance, however.

The young vet converts to Islam, but then goes insane and attacks protesters outside the mosque, killing one. The protesters themselves were bigoted and angry white non-Muslim men. In fact, non-Muslim men throughout the series are often portrayed as ignorant jerks who treat women badly.

In episode 5, Ramy’s sister, Dena (May Calamawy), must face a different bigot. Dena has to ride with a Mexican tow-truck driver after her car breaks down. Even though the driver is Hispanic, the show gives him no intersectional woke points due to the fact that he is non-Muslim. He behaves insultingly to Dena about her headscarf until she finally gets out of the truck, but only after crying about how the United States “enslaves people in jails and puts them in cages.”

The insufferable leftist hysteria reaches its crescendo by episode 6 when Ramy’s mother, Maysa (Hiam Abbass), is applying for U.S. citizenship. While interviewing for citizenship, she tells the administrator she had never thought of getting citizenship before. “My husband and my kids, they have the citizenship, but with that–you know who I mean, in the White House, that piece of shit,” she now needs to be able to vote. She adds how important the Supreme Court is because Ruth Bader Ginsburg may die. “Ruth Bader Ginsburg, I pray for her and all the good ones on the Supreme Court to stay alive. The other ones, I don’t say anything bad, but I don’t pray for them.”

Later, Maysa is fearful her citizenship application could be in trouble after she is suspended by her employer, Lyft, due to a customer complaint. She suspects the complaint is from a transgender person she insulted. She goes to find him at a bar and tells him, “You have to call Lyft and tell them that I am a good person. I know that you are the one that complained. Because if you don’t call them, I will not be able to vote. Then that fuck-man will win the elections and then it will be very bad for transgender people like yourself and Muslim people like myself, so we have to stick together.”

Believe it or not, Maysa is actually one of the more likable and endearing characters up until this episode. She is always very blunt. Her daughter, Dena, tells her she is too “mean” and has “no filter” like “Trump.” This upsets Maysa. On the day she takes her oath of U.S. citizenship, she looks at a picture of Trump on the wall and whispers an expletive-filled rant at his image.

Judge: That I will perform non-combatant service…

Maysa: I’m not like you, Trump. I will fuck you. I will fuck your pussy and grab it before you grab mine or Dena’s. I will vote you away you piece of fucking fuck-shit. I am here to stay, bitch.

In case you have not already figured out from the last few days of riots, the left is all-rage, all-the-time. They hate our country and they hate anybody who voted differently than they did. Many far-left intersectionalists view anybody outside of their identity group as an inherent bigot.

Ramy avoided becoming insufferably political in its first season, perhaps to retain an audience. This season, it is a hate-filled series stereotyping as the enemy anybody different from its left-wing Muslim characters.

Source: Hulu Show ‘Ramy’ Calls Trump ‘Piece of Sh,’ ‘Fk-Man’ | Newsbusters

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