Costa Rica Used HCQ as Instructed; Canada, US Prohibit Use?

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There are two tracks to the global pandemic, those countries that went for the $0.64 pill and those that stuck with the precautions. On the latter list, count the blue half of America and most Canada, or at least most of our northern neighbor’s provinces, where strict guidelines were even published by the doctor, nurses and pharmacist unions of Ontario to explicitly prohibit taking or prescribing HCQ.

That would be Hydroxychloroquine, the anti-malarial drug that has confounded those hoping it would not be the simple-stupid cure for Corona Virus.

We’ve since learned that for years, scientists have known that HCQ also fighting Cancer, Arthritis and even Diabetes, that its basic ingredient — quinine — can be made at home, and on Monday that U.S. President Donald J. Trump has been popping the pill daily.

But reading the missive from the Ontario medical community, and it’s long list of reasons why not to take the pill, even alluding to shortages of it — which seem unlikely as Canada’s Apotek is among the world’s largest manufacturers of the generic drug — their caution and dread are palpable:

While research and testing are ongoing, we need to take stock of the impact of unrestricted prescribing and dispensing of these two products… Due to the recent yet-to-be-proven claims of effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine sulfate against COVID-19 and the growth in prescribing for it, we are now faced with a very serious shortage (and some brands, outages) of the product.”

The statement was written on behalf of 110,000 doctors, nurses and pharmacists.

In Canada, only one province refused to follow the recommendations to abstain from its uses — New Brunswick — and by prescribing the $0.64 generic pill, their recovery rates (blue line) are triple or quadruple that of the other provinces and the nation as a whole.

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